The 2022 Test Bank

This option is for the Test Bank only and does not include Video Lecture access or the Course Book. It is a good option for those students who learn best through reading and taking exams, and may not want to watch videos. It is also a great affordable alternative to the NAPLEX Online Course.

Please note: this option does not include Clinical Support.

The RxPrep 2022 Test Bank is offered in three tiers of access:

  • 2-month access - $159
  • 3-month access - $179
  • 6-month access - $189

Test Bank only purchases are not eligible for extensions. Please choose your access carefully as it does not cost much more for a longer tier of access.

If you have purchased the Test Bank, and are interested in accessing the Video Lectures as well, please review the article, I purchased the Test Bank, but now I want access to the Video Lectures. Can I buy the Video Lectures?


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