What does the MPJE Online Course cover?

The Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination (MPJE) is a federal and state law exam. The majority of states and territories of the United States participate in the MPJE, except for California, Arkansas, Idaho and Puerto Rico. 

In California, where RxPrep is based, we have our own law exam, called the CPJE. If you will be taking the CPJE, you can review information here: What does the CPJE Online Course cover?

The RxPrep MPJE Online Course has been prepared by a team of pharmacists and legal experts to make sure all testable items on federal pharmacy law are covered. Legal jargon is left out and replaced with the practical information needed to interpret the MPJE. 

Our MPJE Online Course includes the Course Manual, Video Lectures and Test Bank and is available in the RxPrep store.

The MPJE Course Manual covers federal law with fill-in-the-blank style questions to address any state-specific information. 

When purchasing the MPJE Online Course you will have the option to select two state-specific supplements. After completing your purchase, the supplements will be available under the Law Documents tab within your MPJE Online Course on your Student Dashboard.

Please contact your state board of pharmacy to see if they provide additional information on the licensure exams. The board of pharmacy websites are generally simple to navigate; they will have a section geared towards people preparing to become licensed pharmacists in that state and in this section there will be information on the MPJE exam. 


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