How do I study with the MPJE Online Course?

The RxPrep MPJE Online Course covers mostly federal law and will point out where state laws commonly differ. The majority of the MPJE questions will come from the topics discussed in this course, and state-specific items are included as-needed. 

Up to two state-specific supplements are selected when purchasing the MPJE Online Course. In the MPJE Course Manual, you will be asked to fill in specific legal requirements where they vary state-to-state. The supplements should be used in conjunction with the Course Manual.

If you did not select your two state-specific supplements, please refer to this article: What are the state-specific supplements and how do I receive them?

You are responsible for confirming that the information in your requested state-specific supplement/s remains accurate, as changes can happen. Each state-specific supplement will include relevant links to the state board's website. 

Mastering the Test Bank questions that come with this course completely (with an understanding of “why” the answer is correct) will help you achieve a good score. 

Additionally, please review the latest exam registration bulletin that is available for download on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) website. The bulletin discusses the NAPLEX and MPJE, the registration process, scheduling the exam, testing and reporting results, the test design, and the specific topics that will be tested.

Please note: if you are testing in California, you should purchase the CPJE Online Course. For more information about the CPJE Online Course, please review the Help Center Section here: How should I study for the CPJE?


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