How should I study for the CPJE?

The CPJE tests information from the community and hospital pharmacy settings, so it is important to be familiar with the laws that govern both. It is also best to take the CPJE soon after taking the NAPLEX, so that the material will still be fresh.

Although “law” is a short area on the exam, there is only so much law information that can be tested, while drug therapy is a much larger area to tackle. Thus, law must be mastered. 

There are a few chapters in the RxPrep 2022 NAPLEX Course Book that may be especially important for the CPJE. They are "Compounding I: Basics,” "Compounding II: Equipment, Stability & Excipients,” “Compounding III: Documentation & Preparation,” "Medication Safety & Quality Improvement,” "HIV," "Immunizations," "Travelers,” “Learning IV Medications,” "Acute & Critical Care Medicine" and "Infectious Diseases I-IV.” However, all clinical topics are fair game. All the math you need to know for the CPJE is in the RxPrep 2022 NAPLEX Course Book as well.

We recommend that all students read through the CPJE candidate handbook carefully and do the board’s practice questions located at the end of the handbook. If you have not registered yet and have not received the exam handbook in the mail, you can print out a copy from the board website (

The exam handbook suggests certain items that must be reviewed, such as the current Script newsletter and the Pharmacy Self Assessment forms. You should be sure to know the questions on our separate CPJE law program; these should be known completely and easily as some of this material should be expected to be on your exam.


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