Creating Flashcards

During a test, you will have the option to "heart" a question. Any question that is "hearted" while taking a test will be added to the Flashcards section on your E-Learning page. 


  • The default mode for flashcards will show selected questions from all Test Banks. 
    • Use the Course and Chapter drop-down menus on the right to select specific courses, and then specific chapters to view only flashcards from the chosen chapter.
      • Note: If you have not taken a test, or "hearted" any questions, the chapter will not show here. Only chapters with selected questions will appear.
  • To see a flashcard's answer, click anywhere on the flashcard. Click again to go back to the question.
  • To move on to the next question, use the blue arrows above the current flashcard. 
  • An on-screen calculator is available.
  • Flashcards can be shuffled using the Shuffle button.
  • When going through your flashcards, you can delete any question by clicking the red trash can icon.
    • Note: Once a question is deleted, it can only be added back by going to the Test Bank and "hearting" it again.


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