My school is using LockDown Browser, but I'm having trouble taking a school test.

If you are encountering difficulty taking a school test that has the LockDown Browser enabled, please review the following options:

  • If the “Launch LockDown Browser” does not launch the program, you may have set your web browser to deny access to the program.
    • Please review LockDown Browser’s page on how to allow access here.
  • Check your firewall. It may be blocking the LockDown Browser program. If it is, you can temporarily disable the firewall during a school test, or if possible, allow the LockDown Browser program.
  • You may need to uninstall and reinstall the LockDown Browser program.

You may also want to clear your cookies and/or browsing history.

For further support, please refer to the Respondus LockDown Browser Resource page for troubleshooting.


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